Realms of Aevernon: To Velcia's Credit...

Every Great Achievement Requires Sacrifice

With their pact struck and the kobolds keeping their distance, the party caught up to their dwarven allies, who were marching hard through the night, feeling their goal close at hand. Garrett tried to warn them of the trog’s peril, but they ignored his pleas, so lost in their goal, while the less enigmatic members of the party continued to plan their turn.

The dwarves found proof of the ore they were searching for near the mouth of the cave system they were marching for, and trekked on for a mile farther into the tunnels, before opening up to the first main cavern…

The sight was not what they had expected. The mine, long-since abandoned, had become nesting grounds for the silver dragons inhabiting the area, as proof by the scads of dragon eggs laying about. However, all was not as it should have been. The eggs had a strange coloration, as noted by Sir Algen, and further exploration revealed an elven woman, clothes filthy and a tatter, chained to a nearby wall, slumped over and unconscious. Sir Algen revealed her to be a dragon in disguise. While working to free the imprisoned dragon, Garrett took notice of several other sets of chains, and bones lying beneath them.

Just as they were about to free the imprisoned woman, a man in dark robes revealed himself at the entrance to the mines. Lamenting the fact that the trog failed at its job, the man went on to ridicule the foolish adventurers. Sir Algen and Brother Phyzrep stepped forward, recognizing the man as yet another dragon, a ferocious black in disguise, and put themselves between him and the silver dragon. The party scrambled to finish freeing her, and then escorted her past a pack of aggressive hatchlings, into a nearby room.

Once everyone was inside, the door sealed itself in an unholy glow, and all found themselves trapped. They found themselves in what appeared to be the black dragon’s personal quarters. Gurgit laid the dragon on the bed and helped tend to her injuries, while everybody explored the room for treasures and a way out, neither of which were found. Tea found her a change of clothes, however, before they took a rest, as the battle outside raged and promised to last for a time.

The party managed to get a few hours’ sleep before they noticed the sounds of battle outside dissipating. They looked to the door, where the glow had vanished, and waited a few tense moments, expecting the dragon to come in and finish what he had started. However, that time never came, and they exited the door to find the dragon decapitated, Brother Phyzrep skewered to the wall dead, and Sir Algen lying nearby on his deathbed.

Following instructions given to them with Algen’s last breath, Garrett took up his Dragoon signet, Phyrzep’s polearm, and a bag of gold to be taken to the innkeeper in the dwarven settlement they left from. Gurgit promised to take care of their bodies, have them preserved, and sent on to Scelendia Velcia for a proper burial. The dragon, naming herself as Aeyalyn, asked the adventurers to help her break the corrupted eggs before leaving to try and bring back some of the fled silver dragons.

After an uneventful journey back down the mountain, the group made their way back to Muradin’s Gate, the town they had set out from, to collect their payment and fulfill their first of three promises. From their, they traveled to Skyve’s Landing, the nearby port town, to relax for a few days before a ship arrived to take them back to the central continent.

Hatchlings fight: 2400 XP
Shattering the Eggs: 600 XP

A "God" Revealed

The party of adventurers, confronted with the obvious ambush, came up with a brilliant plan. Using various spells and blatant scare tactics, they managed to frighten off all but two of the ambushers — a pair of kobolds, one of which was killed. The other kobold was captured and probed for information.

Using the resources the kobold had at its disposal, the party managed to set up a parley between them and the so-called “God” of the kobolds. Using the kobold’s universal sign for diplomacy, by cutting off Woody’s surprisingly Dwarf-like beard and tying it to a pole, the adventurers split from the Dwarven caravan, taking a separate path, but still able to keep an eye on them in the distance.

Atop a high ridge a short time later, the party came in contact with a small group of kobolds who were waiting to rain down spears upon the unsuspecting Dwarves. Chancing a broken parley, the party rushed the kobolds, putting a quick end to their ambush plans. Luckily, they were still a distance from the kobolds’ lair, and the attack went unnoticed.

Finally, the party made it to the kobold lair. Ushered in by their captured companion, they were quickly swept through a small mining complex and into a makeshift throneroom for the kobolds’ “God”, a tall and slender lizard-like creature (a troglodyte) and its direbadger pet.

The party spent some time talking with the trog, finding out that the whole reason in attacking the Dwarves is because he viewed himself as owner of the mountain, and believed the Dwarves were ruining its beauty by mining it dry. The trog proposed a deal: The party had four days to get the Dwarves off the mountain, one way or another, during which time they would no longer be attacked by his raiding bands. He even promised them a small reward for their cooperation.

The party took his words into consideration, and departed, catching up to the Dwarves as they pressed on. Despite nightfall setting, they were determined to make one final push, since their destination was so very close at hand…

XP REWARDS (apply in order given)
Kobold Ambush and Capture: 372 XP
Kobolds on the Cliff: 52 XP
Parley with the Trog: 600 XP


The intrepid adventurers, finding a suspicious cave near their campsite, decided to investigate. After cautiously entering the dark tunnel, they found a large circular room filled with scraps of blankets and bedrolls, scattered handfuls of straw and hay, and a lockbox barely concealing a small hole. The lockbox was scrawled with the words “Bosses Lüt Heer”, and after having the Silphy’s pet snake investigate the hole, they found it led to another, near-identical room.

Finding the lockbox filled with only junk, they promptly left the cave after deciding it wouldn’t make that great of a shelter for the night. They had their supper, and took over shifts for the night, only to have one of the crew fall off a cliff face while trying to reach a branch.

During the night, the rest of the group was ambushed by a vicious pack of Kobolds. Sir Algen and Brother Phyrzep held back the waves while Silphy, Garrett, and Teadora helped fortify the Dwarves’ position.

They emerged from the combat relatively unscathed, with only two dwarves being more than slightly injured. The rest of the night continued uneventfully, and the next morning they began their trek farther into the hills. Around mid-day, the caravan came to a snowy glade nestled between two cliff faces, and discovered another pack of Kobolds hiding behind trees, waiting to spring an ambush…

Northern Exposure

Having found themselves at Skyve’s Landing on the Northern Continent of Coldpeak, our group of adventurers quickly takes on a small mission: escort Gurgit Spindlebrass and his companions to a series of tunnels where they believe they will find a newly-discovered type of ore.

Shortly after having left to start their trek, the caravan found by two men, Sir Algen of the Order of the Dragoon, and Brother Phyrzep of the Brotherhood of the Drakith. The two men were tasked with finding out if the decreased appearances of Silver Dragons in the area is any cause for concern. Gurgit allowed them to travel along with the caravan, acting as another pair of guardsmen.

A short ways up the mountain trails, the caravan stumbles onto signs of kobold activity. They follow it a short ways off the path, to find that the kobold tracks lead to a cave a large ways up a sheer cliff. Breaking off the investigation, they returned to the caravan, and finished up the day’s hike, only to find another cave with a narrow pathway leading to it suspiciously close to their campsite…


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