Brother Phyrzep [Deceased]

A high-ranking soldier in the Brotherhood of the Drakith


Brother Phyrzep is a high-ranking soldier in the Brotherhood of the Drakith. He was one of the earliest recruits of the still-fledgling organization, hailing from a small unnamed island nation in the northeast. The island was used as a breeding ground for a few local tribes of dragons, mostly Silvers and Blues, and so Phyrzep was recruited as one of the children used to keep watch over the eggs and tend to the baby dragons when the hatched.

This went on for several years of Phyrzep’s life, until around five or so years ago, when the island was brutally ravaged by a group of Black dragons. They destroyed the nesting grounds, broke most of the eggs and stole the rest, and burnt the local village to the ground. Phyrzep, along with what few survivors remained, immediately took one of the few fishing ships they had, and set off for the central continent.

Phyrzep and the survivors eventually found a small village to settle into, and adapted to a normal life of farming. They all thought that the last of their excitement had been gone in life, until a few years later when a young woman came, seeking out Phyrzep, with a dragon, an egg, and a proposition.

Brother Phyrzep is a rather soft-spoken individual. Or, rather, he doesn’t speak at all, but his body language is always warm and inviting, even if he is portrayed as being a shy man. Those who know his backstory believe his voice was damaged when his village was razed, but there are still others who swear they can hear him talking to dragons when near them, so nobody really knows for sure.

Normally travelling with a young Silver dragon, his companion as a Drakith, he was recently forced to leave him behind in Skyve’s Landing, due to the dragon twisting its ankle during a mudslide.

Brother Phyrzep has long brown hair, which he pulls back into a braid, with pale skin and almond-shaped eyes. Because of this, many people who know him would swear he has some elven blood in his lineage. He wields a longspear, which is both his symbol of rank in his order, as well as being his chosen weapon.


Brother Phyrzep accompanied the dwarven caravan high into the mountains of their homeland, hoping to find traces of the reason why the local Silvers have seemed to disappear as of late.

He was instrumental in helping quell the threat of the kobolds, and was a stalwart companion, despite his silence.

He died while helping defend the party and a captured Silver dragon from an aggressive Black who was using her kind for devious experiments.

Brother Phyrzep [Deceased]

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