Realms of Aevernon: To Velcia's Credit...

A "God" Revealed

The party of adventurers, confronted with the obvious ambush, came up with a brilliant plan. Using various spells and blatant scare tactics, they managed to frighten off all but two of the ambushers — a pair of kobolds, one of which was killed. The other kobold was captured and probed for information.

Using the resources the kobold had at its disposal, the party managed to set up a parley between them and the so-called “God” of the kobolds. Using the kobold’s universal sign for diplomacy, by cutting off Woody’s surprisingly Dwarf-like beard and tying it to a pole, the adventurers split from the Dwarven caravan, taking a separate path, but still able to keep an eye on them in the distance.

Atop a high ridge a short time later, the party came in contact with a small group of kobolds who were waiting to rain down spears upon the unsuspecting Dwarves. Chancing a broken parley, the party rushed the kobolds, putting a quick end to their ambush plans. Luckily, they were still a distance from the kobolds’ lair, and the attack went unnoticed.

Finally, the party made it to the kobold lair. Ushered in by their captured companion, they were quickly swept through a small mining complex and into a makeshift throneroom for the kobolds’ “God”, a tall and slender lizard-like creature (a troglodyte) and its direbadger pet.

The party spent some time talking with the trog, finding out that the whole reason in attacking the Dwarves is because he viewed himself as owner of the mountain, and believed the Dwarves were ruining its beauty by mining it dry. The trog proposed a deal: The party had four days to get the Dwarves off the mountain, one way or another, during which time they would no longer be attacked by his raiding bands. He even promised them a small reward for their cooperation.

The party took his words into consideration, and departed, catching up to the Dwarves as they pressed on. Despite nightfall setting, they were determined to make one final push, since their destination was so very close at hand…

XP REWARDS (apply in order given)
Kobold Ambush and Capture: 372 XP
Kobolds on the Cliff: 52 XP
Parley with the Trog: 600 XP



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