The last few years have been… a trial. And the verdict? It isn’t looking good…

The state of Aevernon has changed vastly over the last few years. Rumblings and rumors are running rampant, and many are preparing for a dark future.

The Servants of the Dark Queen, an organization consisting mostly of black dragons who follow the will of Tiamat, have begun making a press on many smaller kingdoms, as a part of their effort to conquer the world in the name of their Goddess.

Many knew this was happening, as it has been happening for centuries, but the last few years have pushed more and more people to the brink of despair. Countless kingdoms on small islands have been taken over fully, with the dragons soundly trouncing any feeble resistance they find in the smaller, less populous regions.

The Knights of the Platinum King have done nothing to stop this. In fact, their forces, made up of goodly dragons who oppose Tiamat and follow the rule of Bahamut, have become increasingly withdrawn of late. Even the neutral faction, known as the Initiates of the Blue Tome, are keeping their distance.

Sceldenia Velcia, fearing an all-out war that many feel is on the way, is sending out whatever assistance it can in the form of its Dragoons, hoping to quell some of their problems before they become even bigger. However the kingdom is large, the Dragoons are few in number. The kingdom does what it can, but it can never hope to protect everybody.

But, all hope is not yet lost. There is a prophecy of a man who will come forth to stop the war, and there are rumors that a tribe of Gold dragons have discovered who the man is. It is said that many, many dragons will die because of him, but the mortal races of the world have begun to see this as less and less of an issue, because of how little even their supposedly-allied dragons are helping them.

Another force in the world, that of the Drakith, or Brotherhood of the Dragon, has begun to step up and help however they can. They’ve allied themselves as a sister organization to Sceldenia Velcia’s Order of the Dragoon, and have taken up residence in the city. The Drakith consist of those with high concentrations of dragon blood, who work hard to further the ties between dragons and the mortal races. They are hard at work, trying to help repair the bonds that are quickly becoming undone.

As it stands, nobody knows exactly what the future holds, but tensions are rising, and everybody, to even the lowliest of farmer most removed from the struggle, can feel that huge changes are on the horizon…

Realms of Aevernon: To Velcia's Credit...

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